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OLT Database      Posted - November 2, 2017

This update includes an SRNV fix to the Red and white pine indicator to include PWST for the GLSL forest region.


 Ontario's Landscape Tool 2017  Version 4       Posted - October 5, 2017

Several fixes. This version also includes OLT-Regional files removing the previous requirement to download and install separately.

The install file is now +/- 270 mb.


 Posted - December 20, 2016

Identifying Uncertainty in Forest Management Planning in Ontario 

This report uses existing management strategies in two northern forests and incorporates predicted climate change stresses (increased fire) using stochastic disturbance models. The report summarizes achievement levels of projected volume and biodiversity indicators including caribou habitat.


Installation tips not found in the manual:

Several users have been unable to locate the "Programdata " folder after installation of OLT. In most cases this is because the folder is hidden.  To access the folder you will need to unhide the folder and ensure that the folder is not read only.  

When uninstalling and reinstalling new versions of OLT you should remove all existing"mdb" files related to OLT ( olt.mdb, local.mdb and scenario.mdb ).  Computers with recent versions of Windows may include a folder named "VirtualStore".  These folders are located within the systems user sub-folders and may contain copies of the OLT database files. Currently our uninstall routine does not remove these files - you must remove these files before reinstalling OLT. 

When installing OLT .........." Install this application for:" be sure to choose the "Only for me" option. This will ensure that the virtualstore folder is not used.


New Features OLT 2016

In past versions of OLT there was one option for creating scenarios.  The option progressed through several steps when building scenarios including; data checking, projecting and verification, FRI classification, LSL forest parcel (hexagon) build and LSL habitat parcel (hexagon) build.

OLT 2016 now includes 3 import options. In cases where a Full build is not needed (i.e. evaluative (habitat) indicators are not required) a Quick or Partial build can be selected - speeding up the scenario build time.  

 i) Quick Import - verifies FRI data compatibility and performs initial classifications (i.e. forest units and landscape classes).    This is the quickest way to build a scenario. 

ii) Partial Import - This import type will do the same as the Quick import with the addition of building forest parcels (hexagon files). Forest parcels are needed to calculate prescriptive indicators (i.e. conifer, landscape classes, mature and old forest, old growth and young forest).

ii) Full Import - This import type will do the same as the Partial import with the addition of building habitat parcels. Habitat parcels are needed to calculate evaluative indicators (i.e. habitat models).

Scenarios created using each of these import options are not limited.  In other words - if you create a scenario using the quick import option you will still be able calculate evaluative indicators. However, the first time you choose to calculate a habitat indicator, both the forest and habitat parcels will be built - taking a little longer than if you had created the scenario as a full import.

Note: Ontario's Landscape Tool, the accompanying scripts and models are protected. Copying and/or selling these for use in other

systems is strictly prohibited.  Please refer to the user's agreement .

  Ontario's Landscape Tool User's Manual   (+/- 3MB

OLT - Regional Files

   GLSL - Files     (+/- 200 mb)      Boreal - Files    (+/- 0.5 mb)

These compressed files contain the necessary files to run wildlife and other indicator models. Download the file that corresponds to the area that you wish to analyze.  You do not need both files. 

UNcompress (extract) these files into the "ProgramData\OLTdata\OLT\NRVIS" folder.


 Science and Information Packages

These PDF files are stand alone and can be opened independently of OLT. If you wish to access these through OLT's user interface, place the PDF file(s) in the "Programdata\OLTdata\OLT\ScienceInfo" folder after installing OLT. 

Science and Information Package - A includes descriptions of all models, inputs and science used in the development of the simulated ranges of natural variation.  All other Science and Information Packages include simulation results and other relevent information. 

Science and Information Package - A     


Landscape Guide Regions ( map )

Science and Information Package - B - 3S/4S

Science and Information Package - B - 3W

Science and Information Package - B - 3E

Science and Information Package - B - GLSL North

Science and Information Package - B - GLSL South

Science and Information Package - B - 4W


Caribou and Moose

Science and Information Package - "C"aribou

Science and Information Package - "M"oose


Guide Effectiveness Monitoring Study Areas ( map)

Science and Information Package - B - GEM 4W

Science and Information Package - B - GEM 3W

Science and Information Package - B - GEM 3S/4S

Science and Information Package - B - GEM 3E

Science and Information Package - B - GEM GLSL


Special Areas

Science and Information Package - B - Chapleau Crown Game Preserve 

Science and Information Package - B - Madawaska Highlands          



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